Hs-Ecology:For More Than 30 years In Mineral Humate 1.Water Soluble Humic Acid Water soluble humic/fulvic acid benefit:
Basic Info.
Model NO. HS-001
Chemical Character Chemical Neutral
Raw Material Manure
Type Commercial Organic Fertilizer
Source High Grade Leonardite in Mt.Tianshan
Appearance Black Shiny Flake/Powder/Granular/Crystal
Certifate Omri / Ceres / Reach
Applications Water Soluble Organic Fertilizer
Fulvic Acid 50%Min
Water Soluble 100%
K2o 12%
Humic Acid 70%Min
Transport Package 25kg Bags
Specification Purity: 100%
Trademark Hs-Eco
Origin Xinjiang China
HS Code 3105909000
Production Capacity 220000
Product Description

Hs-Ecology:For More Than 30 years In Mineral Humate

HS-Eco High Quality Humic Acid Fulvic Acid Humate From Leonardite Source

1.Water Soluble Humic Acid
Humic Acid (Dry basis)≥65%≥65%≥65%
Organic Matter(Dry basis)≥80%≥80%≥80%

HS-Eco High Quality Humic Acid Fulvic Acid Humate From Leonardite Source

Water soluble humic/fulvic acid benefit:

Ameliorate soil

  • Promote the structure of soil aggregates, improve the state of soil structure, make soil aeration, good water permeability
  • Reduce the salt content of topsoil, reduce the harm of salt and alkali to young seedlings, improve seedling emergence rate, reduce weak and dead seedlings
  • By increasing the soil exchange capacity and accelerating the leaching rate of Na+ and Cl- in soil solution, the surface salt content is gradually reduced and the salt composition is obviously changed
  • Increasing soil organic matter and humic acid can make soil humic acid change have an important effect

Increase fertilizer efficiency

  • Reduce nitrogen volatilization, effectively inhibit urease activity, and increase soil nitrogen content
  • Inhibit the fixation of water-soluble phosphorus in soil, slow down the conversion of fast-available phosphorus to late-available phosphorus and ineffective phosphorus, increase the distance of phosphorus in soil, and promote the effective uptake of phosphorus by roots
  • The acidic functional group of humic acid can absorb and store potassium ions, prevent loss with water in sandy soil and strong leaching soil, and prevent the fixing of potassium in clay soil, increase the amount of available potassium
  • The protective effect of humic acid on the complex of trace elements can reduce the amount of trace elements fixed by soil and precipitated by alkali. Thus, the utilization rate of microelement fertilizer was improved
2.Water Soluble Fumic Acid
Fulvic K(N) Fulvic K(AL)Fulvic Acid
Humic Acid (Dry basis)≥60.0%≥60.0%\
Fulvic Acid (Dry basis)≥50.0%≥40.0%≥50.0%
Organic Matter(Dry basis)≥55.0%≥55.0%≥55.0%
Hard water resistance22DH°22DH°50DH°
ApperanceShiny Powder

HS-Eco High Quality Humic Acid Fulvic Acid Humate From Leonardite Source

3.Water Soluble Fulvic Salts
Fulvic FeFulvic ZnFulvci Mg
Fulvic Acid (Dry basis)≥40%≥40%≥15%
Trace elementFe ≥6%Zn ≥6%Mg≥6%
ApperanceShiny Powder
4.Water Soluble Humate Salts
Potassium humateSuper Potassium humateSodium humate
Humic Acid (Dry basis)≥60%≥70%≥60%
ApperanceShiny Powder/Granule

HS-Eco High Quality Humic Acid Fulvic Acid Humate From Leonardite Source

Water soluble Fulvic/Humate salts benefit:

Promote crop growth

  • Early germination, high emergence rate
  • Developed root system, strong absorption
  • Strong plant, improve yield
  • Promote healithier,stronger plants and enhance appearance.
  • Improve crop respiration intensity and photosynthesis

Improve crop quality

  • Increase the sugar content of fruits and vegetables
  • Improve vegetable quality
  • Improve the quality of sugar cane, sugar beet, tobacco, mulberry leaf and other cash crops
  • Improve the content of crude protein and starch in grain crops
  • Mechanism of improving crop quality

Raw material
Gift of Nature - High Quality Raw Materials From Tianshan Mountains

HS-Eco High Quality Humic Acid Fulvic Acid Humate From Leonardite Source

Product details

Quality control
Never add biochemical source
Company Infotmation
Henan HS-Ecology Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as HS- Ecology) was founded in 2017, jointly funded by Xinjiang Double Dragon Humic Acid Co., LTD and XINLIANXIN Chemical Industry Group Co., LTD., it is a joint-stock enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and promotion. HS-Ecology is mainly engaged in humic acid, humic acid salts, high-quality humic acid, fulvic acid and other series of products, and engaged in humic acid technology, biotechnology, soil remediation technology research and development. The headquarter of HS-Ecology is located in Taxihe Industrial Park, Baojiadian, Manasi County, Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang. It has two production bases: one is Urumqi Black Ecology Technology Co., LTD. (formerly Xinjiang Doulbe Dragon Humic Acid Co., LTD.), located in Midong District, Urumqi, Xinjiang; The second is Henan Black Ecological Technology Co., LTD., located in Xinxiang Economic Development Zone, Henan Province, XINLIANXIN Group Chemical Industry Park. Xinxiang base completely independent innovation in process design, the establishment of domestic advanced automatic humic acid production line (DCS control system), two bases six humic acid production lines, a total capacity of 170,000 tons HS-Ecology has a weathered coal raw material base with high oxidation value at the foot of Tianshan Mountains. The geographical location of the mining area and the unique climate determine that the weathered coal here is more fully oxidized, less impurities, easy to separate, and has a humic acid content of 60%-80%, which is suitable for the production of high-content humic acid products The company has been deeply ploughed in the industry for more than 30 years, every year to invest a lot of funds for process and product research and development, and cooperate with colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, research and development of more than 40 kinds of products, won more than 20 technical invention patents, has won the "Private science and Technology Innovation Award", seven times won the highest award of China Humic Acid Industry Association Wujin Cup "Best Enterprise Award" HS-Ecology currently has 41 humic acid R&D personnel. By taking advantage of Xinjiang Double Dragon R&D advantages in the field of humic acid and combining with the R&D center platform of XINLIANXIN Group, the company continues to increase R&D investment, achieve greater breakthroughs in management, process, products and applications, and build a R&D driven enterprise. Brand is the soul of enterprise survival and development, is the intangible assets of enterprise. HS-Ecology attaches great importance to brand construction, and makes efforts in brand positioning, brand culture, brand communication and other aspects. It builds the brand with high quality, supports the brand with high market share, and strengthens the brand with high communication

Q:What is the concept of humic acid resistance to hard water 22 degrees and 50 degrees?
A:German metric: Total calcium and magnesium ions per liter of water 10 mg, is 1 degree. Water containing 10 mgcao or (MgO) per litre of 1 degree 0-4 degrees is softest water,5-8 degrees is soft water,9-12 degrees is normal soft water,13-18 degrees is medium hard water,19-30 degrees is hard water, and above 30 degrees is the hardest water.
Q:Humic acid solid water soluble fertilizer appears moisture absorption caking problem, how to deal with?
A:After storage for a period of time, the finished products appear moisture absorption and caking phenomenon. It is related to the moisture absorption of raw materials, water content, pile weight, relative humidity of production environment, water absorption of packaging materials, etc. Attention should be paid to the timely detection of new raw materials when they are stored, and anti-caking agent can be added appropriately. Pay attention to cool and ventilated storage, do not expose.
Q:Notes for Preparation of humic acid water soluble fertilizer?
A:1. do not mix with high acid raw materials directly.
2. strict control of raw material moisture.
3. Pay special attention to the purity of raw materials.
4. to consider the solubility of different raw materials at different temperatures.
5. Pay attention not to mix with trace elements in the bivalent ion state