Agrochemical NPK Nitrate Based Water Soluble Compound Fertilizer
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Agrochemical NPK Nitrate Based Water Soluble Compound Fertilizer

Agrochemical NPK Nitrate Based Water Soluble Compound Fertilizer

Overview Product Description The NPK series compound fertilizer. I. Product features Good raw materials and advanced tec
Basic Info.
Model NO. Combination series
Infection on Soil Physiological Neutral
Chemical Character Chemical Neutral
Release Type Quick
Manufacturing Method Compound Fertilizer
Type High Nitrogen and High Phosphorus Compound Fertilizer
Process High Tower
Nitrogen Source Liquid Ammonium Nitrate
Water Solubility Fully Water-Soluble
Potassium Source Mannheim Potassium
Chloridion Without Cl-/Chlorine-Free
Phosphorus Source Monoammonium Phosphate
Nitrogen Ratio 10%
Particle Size 1-4.2mm
Concentration 45%
Form Powder
Color Pink/White/Grey
Transport Package 50/1000kg
Specification N15: P15: P15
Trademark Kailong
Origin Hubei/China
HS Code 3105200090
Production Capacity 400, 0000ton/Year
Product Description
Product Description

The NPK series compound fertilizer.

I. Product features

Good raw materials and advanced technology:Produced by high-quality raw materials and slurry method in China,Spray granulation of chemical synthesis,white and round particles, good solubility in water, less residue,easy bsorption,less loss and more lasting effect of fertilizer.
A part of ratio, The other ratio contact us to get it)
Content formulaFormula typeNitrate nitrogen content
51% 17-17-17Potassium sulphate7%
40.0% 22-9-9Chlorine group10%
45% 15-15-15Chlorine group7%
48% 16-16-16Chlorine group7%
34% 30-4-0Chlorine group13%
26% 26-0-0Chlorine group11%
44% 16-5-23Chlorine group7%
47% 19-9-19Chlorine group8%
48% 16-6-26Chlorine group7%

Balanced fertilization with all nutrients:Soil testing formula, in addition to ammonia,phosphorus and potassium,at the same time contains a variety of microelements which fruits and vegetables need,reduce the yellow leaf,lobular,dehiscent fruit and other physiological diseases;After application,the crops will grow healthily, the roots are developed, the stems will be strong, the seedlings are protected, the fruits and melons will become more fragrant, the vegetables are delicious,and the cold resistance and drought resistance of the crops are enhanced.
Wide range of applications: it is suitable for all kinds of soil and crops, especially suitable for chlorine sensitive and high sulphur-using crops such as fruits and vegetables, tobacco, tea, etc.
II. Recommend usage and dosage
It is mainly used as base fertilizer, spreading or furrow application, fruit trees 60-100 kg / mu(about 1/15 hectare); vegetables 40-60 kg / mu; it can also be used to topdressing, 15-35 kg / mu, Please refer to the table below for specific crops.
The specific amount of fertilizer should be increased or decreased according to soil fertility, fertilization habits and target yield under the guidance of local agricultural technology department.
III. Precautions
Pay attention to seed manure,It should be isolated 10-15cm from each,Fruit trees applied near the drip line,Beware of burning roots for too close.
I. Product process
The high tower granulation process not only ensures uniform particle size and diameter, but also makes the surface smoother and more quickly soluble in water.
Product recommendations

Our npk fertilizers are suitable for a variety of fruits, vegetables, and various crops.For more fertilizer usage and product recommendations for crops, please contact us for advice from agricultural experts.Recommended fertilizers for beans crops during planting period:

PeriodRecommendation productUsage and dosage
Base fertilizer15-15-1525-30kg
Raising seedling fertilizer21-6-13/22-9-910-15kg
Fruiting fertilizer16-5-23/15-5-2520-25kg
Foliar fertilizer0.3% Mono potassium phosphate2-3times
Prevent DiseaseMicrobial inoculants0.25-0.5kg/mu/time

Recommended fertilizers for potato crops during planting period:
PeriodRecommendation productUsage and dosage
Base fertilizer15-15-1550-60kg/mu
Raising seedling fertilizer21-6-13/22-9-9/26-6-6/30-4-0/27-13-010-15kg/mu
Bulging fertilizer17-7-17/16-5-2325-35kg/mu
Foliar fertilizer0.3-0.5%Mono potassium phosphate solution2-3times
Prevent DiseaseMicrobial inoculants0.25-0.5kg/mu/times

Recommended fertilizers for cabbage crops during planting period:
PeriodRecommendation productUsage and dosage
Base fertilizer15-15-1520-30kg/mu
Raising seedling fertilizer22-9-9/17-7-1710-15kg/mu
Prevent DiseaseMicrobial inoculants0.25-0.5kg/mu/times
Packaging & Shipping

We can not only provide the following conventional packaging, but also customize other types of packaging according to your needs.

TransportationUsually, container transportation is used for sea transportation, but of course, we may also follow different policy adjustments, The following quantities can be loaded for your reference;
Packaging method20'gp loading quantityTotal net weight per container
9.5kg per bag2631 bags25tons
25kg per bag1000bags25tons
50kg per bag500bags25tons
1000kg per bag20bags20tons
Company Profile
  • Founded in 2005, the company has a registered capital of 278 million yuan, fixed assets of 1.8 billion Founded in 2005, the company has a registered capital of 278 million yuan, fixed assets of 1.8 billion yuan, more than 800 registered employees, covers an area of about 1, 000 acres, and has 1 product research and development center, 2 business departments, 3 subsidiaries and 5 sales companies.
  • Products and production capacity: The company has a "one hospital and two divisions" R&D and trade base in Wuhan; It has three production bases in Zhongxiang City and Xiaogan City. Mainly engaged in the production and sales of nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, synthetic ammonia, nitro compound fertilizer, urine-based compound fertilizer, microbial ecological fertilizer and other chemical products. It has a total of 300, 000 tons/year of nitric acid, 360, 000 tons/year of ammonium nitrate, 400, 000 tons/year of nitro compound fertilizer, 300, 000 tons/year of urine-based compound fertilizer, 200, 000 tons/year of synthetic ammonia, 100, 000 tons/year of microbial ecological special fertilizer, 100, 000 tons/year of carbon dioxide, etc.


Kailong chuxing chemical group is one of the top 10 Ammonium nitrate production enterprises in China and one of the top 500 fertilizer enterprises in China, Our annual total output is more than 1 million tons, and three high towers are used to produce porous Ammonium nitrate and compound fertilizer. At the same time, we have also signed special product research and development contracts with various universities in Wuhan to better upgrade our products, help increase production in agriculture, reduce crop diseases and pests, and so on

Product range & capacity
Product NameCapacity/yearDescription
Ammonium nitrate400,000tonsPrilled/Porous
Dilute nitric acid200,000tonsLiquid
Synthetic ammonia200,000tonsLiquid
NPK fertilizer400,000tonsHigh tower process

One of several institutions with national ammonium nitrate production qualifications, the nitrate sulfur based composite fertilizer comes from high-quality ammonium nitrate and can provide SGS professional testing reports for the product.


Q: How can I get smples for a product test?
A:Yes, we can provide less than 1kg sample for free of charge. If you need more samples, please click to contact us now

Q: Whats your price term? A: FOB/CIF/CNF etcQ: Whats your payment term?
A: Usually TT/LC, etcQ: May I watching your facotry? A: Yes, we can provide VR link for sightseeing or field visits, and you are also welcome to make an appointment to visit our factory
Q: What is your product range?
A: We mainly produce products such as ammonium nitrate, compound fertilizers, synthetic ammonia, etc. If you need other chemical raw materials, we can provide you with relevant supplier information for reference
Q: Can I customize the ratio of npk fertilizers and add some trace element?
A: Of course, we have relevant agricultural experts and research institutions to provide you with professional and practical agricultural advice. We can answer any agricultural or soil problems for you; And provide customized services for products.