Kiss Unwanted Sweat Stains Goodbye With One Unexpected Baby Product
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Kiss Unwanted Sweat Stains Goodbye With One Unexpected Baby Product

Jun 03, 2023

If you're particularly active and sweat through your tops often, you'll probably be aware that sometimes just washing an item isn't enough to remove tough sweat stains. Don't despair though, as this hack involving baby shampoo is both inexpensive, practical, and relatively fast. To treat sweat stains, simply apply baby shampoo (branded or generic) to the areas of your top where the sweat stains are most obvious (think collar, armpits, etc.) and leave it to sink in for about half an hour. After those 30 minutes have passed, throw your clothes in the washer as usual. When the wash is done and your clothes are dried, there should be no more sweat stains in sight.

As baby shampoo is so gentle, it shouldn't remove dye for brighter clothes, but always patch test first on an old clothing item or a small area to double-check — there's nothing worse than ruining your favorite piece of clothing. The fact that baby shampoo is so gentle is also good if you have sensitive skin, as this hack won't irritate your skin, unlike other more abrasive stain removal products.

In broad terms, baby shampoo works well when it comes to removing sweat stains due to the gentle formulation and the lack of foaming agents, as well as the fact baby shampoo is usually unscented. Even if you don't have a child, it's always worth having a bottle of baby shampoo in your home. The ingredients in the product work well on not just sweat stains, but grease stains, too. You'll need to approach removing grease stains with baby shampoo slightly differently than you would with removing sweat stains.

To remove grease stains, you'll need a clean sponge. Add a drop of the shampoo to the sponge and then, instead of letting the shampoo sink into your clothes, gently rub the sponge over the grease stains. It may take a bit of time, but the stains should disappear. If you feel like the item still needs refreshing, throw it in the wash as usual afterward. Now you know how to remove stubborn stains, you'll be able to rescue all those clothes that were previously marked as "house-only" items.